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Our mission with this project is to inspire people to visit the 9/11 memorial sites and experience first hand the feelings these places invoke. All Americans have this experience in common, one that changed our country and lives. One thing that we all can take away from this experience, is that we are a brave and united nation when needed, and more importantly, we are survivors.

Never Forget!

About Me

     My name is John Kostick and I am a 9/11 Survivor and Ground Zero Worker. A few years ago, I had an idea to make a pilgrimage to visit the many 9/11 Memorial sites in my area, and eventually visit all of them. The specific ones I was interested in were the ones that contained artifacts and primarily steel from The World Trade Center, and what I discovered is that there is no complete list of the Memorial sites, their locations, and the curators of each site. With the help of my photographer friend, we have begun a journey to discover and document every site and catalog them here. The intention is to create a single and complete resource for visitors to learn about each site and provide their locations and encourage people to visit each one.

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