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NJ007 Stirling, NJ

NJ007 Stirling The Bells of St Joseph.jpg
NJ007 Stirling Bottom Bells.jpg
NJ007 Stirling Perspective.jpg
NJ007 Stirling Dappled Light.jpg
NJ007 Stirling Mementos.jpg


Located at the Shrine of Saint Joseph is the "Tower of Remembrance".

This magnificent site features some of the largest pieces of steel that I have seen. Within the steel structure there are 4 bells which toll 4 times each morning at 8:46 am to remember the exact time that Tower 1 was attacked.

The items that people have left remind me of being at Ground Zero where friends and family members of the lost would leave them alongside of their pictures which usually said, "Have You Seen Me?".

The location is 1050 Long Hill Road, Stirling, New Jersey

Photo's by Jenly Photography

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